АСН 233115 Тигр-М СпН (ASN 233115 Tigr-M SpN)


  • Ionescu Popa

    on September 30, 2020

    I am glad to see your intelligence became more applied - mechanisms for secondary or logistic functions, specialized variants etc. It's for the first time after USSR when you again produce systems, not just weapons.
    It's also obvious that you received help. About this, a miracle is like a rare bacteria for an expensive cheese - if you don't spread it it will die. You were helped because people thought you can be good. But only now you can prove it.

  • арс-16 походу не авторазливочная машина, а автоцистерна, авторазливочная ели не ошибаюсь топливом заправляет

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